Mobile Advertising 2014 Predictions

Here are my thoughts about mobile advertising in 2014 in no particular order

1. Re-engagement is the new User Acquisition

  • You’ve acquired users and built a base – how do you keep these users around and engaged? More budgets will be focused on user retention in-app and off-app.

2. Mobile Video keeps growing

  • More video inventory will become available in 2014 due to high eCPMs and conversion rates.

3. Static banners go away

  • Animated banners, full-screen interstitials and mobile video ads will continue destroying the old 320×50 banners we’ve come to hate

4. Mobile Commerce bites into app territory

  • The industry is blinded by pure in-app top grossing charts but there is a large chunk of revenue not reported by the platforms and not being fully utilized in mobile – physical goods commerce. Commerce players will realize the value of mobile engagement and move budgets to drive traffic and retention into the mobile offering

5. Transparency by mobile ad networks

  • Days of the “blind network” are slowly coming to an end. In an effort to compete with the Facebooks of the world, mobile ad networks will provide publisher IDs and other targeting attributions. This will make buying more transparent and ripe for automation.

6. Targeting layers will be bolted on to mobile inventory

  • After Facebook’s revolutionary mobile targeting capabilities, mobile in-app display traffic will start benefiting from various targeting layers from various providers. Imagine Mo-pub suddenly gaining twitter persona information or e-commerce intent on each impression – the sky’s the limit.